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job pelaut, lowongan pelaut, loker pelaut 2019 terbaru hari ini kerja dikapal offshore.
Berikut ini informasi tentang job pelaut, lowongan pelaut, loker pelaut 2019 terbaru hari ini kerja dikapal offshore.

About Company: www.rimorchiatori.com
Rimorchiatori Riuniti Porto di Genova Srl was established in 1987 and is fully controlled by Rimorchiatori Mediterranei SPA. The company has been consistently operating the tugboat service within Genoa’s harbour with a fleet of orange units, most of which equipped with azimuthal propellers. The powerful vessels which are constantly steering throughout the waters of Genoa’s commercial harbour, tow in and help mooring arriving ships, as well as escort them out to the open sea, no matter what weather conditions are. They also watch over the harbour, assisting in case of fire, or any other marine emergency that might endanger the safety of the port, ships and of our community.

Rimorchiatori Riunti Porto di Genova Srl has always been proud of staying on top of the service it provides, and has always been eager to fine-tune its operations to respond to costumer’s needs. In order to match new requirements from ship-owners for safe procedures inside our port, the fleet has been implemented with new tugs with higher power giving a BP upto 83 tons. Nowadays our fleet of tugs, equipped with Voith Schneider or Azimuth Stern Drive propellers, are mainly classified FiFi, Escort and Rec Oil, so that the company is able to meet the toughest ship-owners specifications. Once and again, the Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group ensures its commitment with excellence in respect of the environment.

List of jobs:
Job Position
Ship Type
Office address:
Via Ponte Reale, 2-4 fl. 16124 Genova ITALY Phone: +39 010 2498432
Cell: +39 346 6407826

Source: http://bit.ly/2F029pX

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