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job pelaut, lowongan pelaut, loker pelaut 2019 terbaru hari ini kerja di kapal bulk carrier
Berikut ini informasi tentang job pelaut, lowongan pelaut, loker pelaut 2019 terbaru hari ini kerja di kapal bulk carrier.

About Company: www.csship.com
Campbell Shipping originated with Scottish naval architect George Campbell’s decision to design and mass produce one of the most ingenious series of ships ever built. Campbell branded his new design the “Freedom Series” of vessels and after settling in Japan in 1950 he set up manufacturing offices there. With the virtual ease of mass production, he and his business partners were able to substantially lower per-unit building costs. This feat resulted in these ships becoming some of the most sought after and affordable ships of their kind ever built.

We believe that seafarers working for Campbell Shipping are happy to be a part of this organization. We continue to attract and retain talented Human Capital, both ashore and at sea. At Campbell Shipping we carefully evaluate and screen potential crew members using best HR practices. Our recruitment and appraisal processes help us to employ the best seafarers and retain them in the company. Our remuneration package and company benefits rank amongst the best in the industry. This combined with the general sense of belonging promoted amongst our team members and exceptional working conditions help us to realize our goals of high crew retention rates and continuity of service.

Campbell Bulk Limited provides chartering services for dry bulk vessels.  Our team is knowledgeable in commercial operations. Our goal is to help clients achieve optimal revenue and keep cost at a minimum. We have established a close working relationship with a number of charterers.

List of jobs:
Job Position
Ship Type
Bulk Carrier
Chief officer
Bulk Carrier
2nd officer
Bulk Carrier
3rd officer
Bulk Carrier
Chief engineer
Bulk Carrier
2nd engineer
Bulk Carrier
3rd engineer
Bulk Carrier
4th engineer
Bulk Carrier
Bulk Carrier
Fitter / Oiler / Wiper
Bulk Carrier
Bosun / Able seaman / OS
Bulk Carrier
Cook / Messman
Bulk Carrier
Bulk Carrier
Office address:
1st Floor Campbell Maritime Centre West Bay Street Nassau, New Providence
Tel. +1.242.397.1795

Source: http://bit.ly/2Jf0i6a

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