Lowongan Pelaut Kerja Di Kapal Offshore AHTS, PSV, RRV, MPSV

lowongan pelaut, loker pelaut, job pelaut 2019 terbaru hari ini kerja di kapal offshore AHTS, PSV, RRV, MPSV.
Berikut ini informasi tentang lowongan pelaut, loker pelaut, job pelaut 2019 terbaru hari ini kerja di kapal offshore AHTS, PSV, RRV, MPSV.

About company: www.havila.no
Havila Shipping ASA employs around 600 people and offers diverse career opportunities both onshore and offshore. We operate 27 modern offshore vessels, serving in the North Sea, West Africa, South America and Asia.

Working on a modern offshore supply vessel
As crew member on one of our vessels, you work in a team where each team member is equally important to the running of the ship. The commitment, attention to detail and collaborative skills from each and every team member is crucial to the success of our operations.

Health and safety on board is paramount. We are committed to delivering the highest quality services to our clients and operate under tightly controlled conditions. This commitment to quality and safety is shared by every single one of us, whether working onshore or offshore.

Today’s offshore vessels are equipped for the safety and comfort of the crew. The work on board has changed much since the early days of offshore supply, and today, life on board one of our modern vessels is not that different from working at any modern company.

Opportunities on board are varied, and we offer career development programs for all our employees. We also offer traineeships for cadets and apprentices, unfortunately only for Norwegian citizens. For qualified employees, we offer career as officers within our modern fleet.

The company currently has a fleet of 23 vessels of the type AHTS, PSV, MPSV and RRV. Our vessels operate mainly in the North Sea but we also have vessels operating world wide. We have a modern fleet with an average age of 5 year.

Daftar lowongan kerja:
Job Position
2nd Engineer
2nd Officer
3rd Engineer
Able Seaman
Chief Engineer
Chief Officer
Chief Steward
Crane Operator
Deck Cadet
Engine Cadet
Ordinary Seaman
Office address:
P.O.Box 215  N-6099 FOSNAVAG Norway
Phone: +47 700 80 900

Source: http://bit.ly/2TJKxsy

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