Job Pelaut Kerja Di Kapal Tanker Singapore

lowongan pelaut 2019 terbaru hari ini kerja di kapal tanker.
Berikut ini informasi tentang job pelaut, loker pelaut, lowongan pelaut 2019 terbaru hari ini kerja di kapal tanker.

About company: www.oceantankers.com.sg
Established in 1978. Ocean Tankers has steadily acquired vessels over the years to fuel our growth and support the needs of our customers. From a small bunker operator, we have grown into a leading tanker manager in Singapore. Today, we offer services to a wide network of customers including oil majors, state-owned oil companies and international trading houses. Our company manages and operates a fleet of about 100 vessels ranging from 180 dwt coastal barges to 318,000 VLCCs.

We’ll propel your career to greater heights.
Benefits and opportunities
Besides a competitive remuneration package, we offer excellent opportunities for career advancement within our fleet.

In House Training Programme
Our Company believes in life-long learning. Continuous training and re-training brings out the best in our crew and ensures peak performance. Our in-house training programme for the crew is designed to raise their level of competency and we achieve this through shipboard and computer-based training.

Cadet-ship Programme
Under this Scheme we offer young cadets the opportunity to train as members or our crew. The prospect of becoming an officer one day will definitely spur cadets to achieve outstanding performance.

Daftar lowongan kerja :
Job Position
Ship Type
Oil Tankers
Chief officer
Oil Tankers
2nd officer
Oil Tankers
3rd officer
Oil Tankers
Oil Tankers
Chief engineer
Oil Tankers
2nd engineer
Oil Tankers
3rd engineer
Oil Tankers
4th engineer
Oil Tankers
Electrical engineer
Oil Tankers
Deck cadet
Oil Tankers
Engine Cadet
Oil Tankers
Office address:
37 Tuas Road, Singapore 638503
Tel: +65 6863 2202

Source: http://bit.ly/2Jn0q3k

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